The Stories

"in 1998 my fiance, now husband, had an herb shop called the ravens nest, in the room across from what was a little restaurant. A grandson of someone offered to take us upstairs when I told him about noises I was hearing, and I kept seeing a woman in an old fashioned nurses uniform walk past our shop door. When I would look down the hall, she would be gone, but you could hear her shoes squeaking. We went upstairs, and the owners had taken all the doors off and laid them inside the rooms. My husband and the boy, I cannot remember his name, were walking beside me. I have been psychic since I fell six feet onto concrete, splitting my head open. I was hearing low murmuring. As we walked past the rooms, one at a time you could hear the doors slam shut. The boys were walking very fast at this point, but I saw movement from the corner of my eye. I stopped in front of one room and saw an old metal tub with a high back, an elderly man sitting there in steaming hot water, eyes closed and skin bright red. The woman in white that I had been seeing was leaning over him with a strange smile on her face. Everything happened very fast, the vision was gone, replaced by a room with rubble about the floor. I never saw the woman in front of our shop again. I did always hear murmuring, squeaking of wheelchairs and children laughing. I seem to draw spirits to me if they are around. Maybe because they know I can hear them. It is good to know that this building and its history will be taken care of. I am sure the spirits will be a bit happier. Well, some of them. I have more things to tell about experiences there, but that is for next time."

- Mary Fleming Dutton

"We were just went up the stairs by the office area and started looking in rooms for a digital recorder we left when we caught this loud "Please stay in your room" then "It's nothing" we didn't hear these things when we recorded them only on playback."

- Mike
New Jersey Paranormal Research (NJPR) - 

"On April 26, 2008, CPEAR did an overnight public ghost hunt at Rolling Hills. It was not the first time at Rolling Hills for Mike or Ray but it was for myself (Carrie). Arriving around 4pm to the area we went to Rolling Hills to get some pictures during the daylight hours and to see if we could talk with Lori (previous owner). Although there were some cars outside the enterance doors were locked. The doors open for the public ghost hunt at 9:30p and we arrived around 9:10p and there were a few other people already present and waiting. Once you get inside you have to sign in and go through a short tour of the building with a staff member who tells you of some of the experiences that occurred in specific locations. Following the tour there was a short informational video shown about Rolling Hills. There were said to be 50 people present during this ghost hunt and there were 2 tour groups. We were part of the first tour group and when we were done watching the video we were allowed to go to the basement area to begin investigations so that we did not disturb the other tour group on the upper level. With that....our investigation began. We used devices such as digital audio recorders, video recorder with nightvision, thermometer gauge, EMF readers, flash cameras. We also had a ghost box and sound amplifier present with us but we did not get to use. Lastly we had our own senses to experience all that Rolling Hills has to offer. As far as apparitions and shadow people, none made themselves known that night :-( We also did not get any hits on the EMF reader or drastic changes in temperature with the thermometer gauge. When it comes to evidence caught on camera we did catch some orbs in many pictures with some being more impressive than others and what appears to be some mist formation coming out from behind the nurses station door. In regards to the orbs - the facility is very old and there is a lot of dust within the building. In regards to the mist however, the facility is strictly non-smoking indoors and there was no source of smoke or mist in the environment. On film we did catch a rather interesting find using a flashlight for a flashlight experiment on the second floor hallway where the doors to the solarium has been known to move on their own and shadows of people standing and walking behind the doors in the solarium appear to occur when nobody is in the solarium. Since it was dark and catching the shadows of something walking on the other side of the doors was impossible to catch using the video camera even with night vision, Mike came up with the idea of placing a flashlight on the other side of the doors in the solarium while we sat in the hallway to see if we could catch sight of any of these shadows walking about and catch them on film. There is no other way in or out of the solarium and there was nobody in the solarium. A short while after placing the flashlight within the room the light had began dimming as if something was walking up to it and was even completely blocked as if something walked by it. There was an attempt to communicate with any spirits within the area when it appeared as if something walked quickly back across the light and there was no further movement or flickering of the light following that occurance - and we sat there for a while afterwards. To note - the flashlight had not had any problems with flickering previously and all batteries to the flashlights we carried were new. Was this a paranormal event or just a flashlight problem? This we can not say - but there has not been any other problems with the flashlight flickering or turning on/off and if you watch the movement of the shadow across the floor it definately appears as if it is from movement in front of the flashlight as opposed to a flashlight problem to our team. We also had caught some EVP's with our digital audio recorders. During the public ghost hunt it was difficult to find a quiet location without someone walking and talking closeby and we had to wait until early morning hours when most of the people had left to do our EVP sessions to prevent contamination. One very impressive one was when Mike was trying to provoke the shadow people into coming into the hallway on the second floor and following a request of telling the residents to come out into the hallway there was class "A" EVP with a voice of what sounds like an elderly lady yelling back "You, Go Away!", which we did not hear when recording. As far as our own experiences - I was the only one that had experienced anything personally. Upon our arrival in the afternoon the the facility I had felt a dizziness that had stayed with me while we were there in the afternoon and went away after we were in the car and left the area. I don't know if this had anything to do with the facility or with the long car ride - I felt it was pretty weird experience anyhow. When sitting up in the electrotherapy room I had experienced 2 episodes of a sharp pain that lasted approximately 1 minute to my left side of my head , esp right above my left eye. It only happened twice and only while in the electrotherapy room. Around 4am Mike and I traveled from the area of the organ room down to the second hallway and sat against the sides of the hall - Mike on one side and myself on the other. During the walk down to the hallway and while sitting in the hallway I kept getting a "cobweb" effect across my face (this was occurring even when not walking and just sitting). I was mentioning the feelings to Mike but was thinking to myself that it could just be my hair. There were a few other people at the end of the hallway near the solarium doors who were quietly talking amongst themselves. While Mike and I sat there waiting to see if we could see any of the shadow people I began to feel something lightly touch/move/crawl up my right leg starting where the sock/jean line was and continued up to my mid-calf. At that point I began thinking possibly a spider which I definately did NOT want crawling up my pant leg causing me to quickly crawl across the hallway over to Mike startling him while telling him something was crawling on me and I think it's a spider. The people at the other end of the hall quickly get up and begin to leave after seeing me complain of something crawling on me. They stopped to ask what I had experienced and they shared that one of them was feeling something touching her hair and having the "cobweb" effect and another seeing a shadow peeking from around one of the doors which was making them very uncomfortable and they had to get out of the area. There was no spider or bug in my jean leg or in the area where we were sitting when trying to find the source of touch. It was actually after this incident in which Mike and I went over to where the other people were sitting and, since were were the only ones left in the area, began to do the EVP's and we caught the EVP of the elderly lady's voice as mentioned above. We had returned to Rolling hills on 7/18/09 for a private investigation - again, weather was clear and the time was from 9:30p-6am. During this investigation there was a disembodied voice that called out the name of one of our investigators that was heard by 2 other investigators in the area and can also be heard in the background on our voice recorders. Nobody in the building had called his name. While investigating the 3rd floor there was sounds of someone walking/shuffling around in which when we went to find the source of the sound it would stop and then we would hear it coming from a different area of the 3rd floor. Again, on this investigation as with the previous one, there was a couple times where it felt like a cobweb was dragged across my face. Once it was while I was sitting in a chair on the 2nd floor hallway in which I felt the cob-web like touch to my face and a couple seconds later one of the other investigators further down the hallway stated it felt as if something lightly touched their hand. They were standing in the middle of the hallway whereas I was sitting more off to the side however I was leaning forward in the chair towards the middle of the hallway. There was a bathroom there which, on both investigations, gave off a raw sewage smell - possible plumbing issues? Prior to the formation of CPEAR -Co-founder Mike Mafera investigated Rolling Hills with his father Ray and Mike was also photographed with a rather large mist formation near him while using dowsing rods in what appeared to be the cafeteria or recreation hall. We would love to share any and all evidence we had captured there while we had investigated Rolling Hills. We only ask that we are credited for all our evidence caught and submitted and that no alterations be performed. If interested in our EVP's (which we have in video format for when we give lectures) and our video of the flashlight experiment and are in agreement with our above request please email us at Once we hear back from you we will send everything we got. Thanks - and it's great to hear that Rolling Hills has re-opened it's doors for further paranormal investigations and researching. We hope to talk with you all soon."

- Carrie Kerns
Co-founder, lead investigator CPEAR 

"May 22,2010

Three years ago myself and my two friends bobby and tommy were in the Christmas room doing EVPs and we upon review we came across this EVP which
i beleive says "kill them".

On 5/22/10 I was in the christmas room in the basement where i was using my K2 meter and digital recorder just asking random questions. I was getting some answers such as bangs and lil noises here and there, but what i caught on my digital recorder is unexplainable. This really sounds like a small male child repeating what i had just said and i was the only male in this room let alone in the whole basement area. You'll hear me say "oh thank you...." (because after asking for a noise we got a response with a noise), then you'll hear the small child. This is extremely clear but headphones always help. "

- Kurt Filipiak

"July 28, 2010 - Adirondack Ghost Hunters Society
My team members and I were in the Shock Therapy room and we caught the Organ in the upstairs playing two notes on our EVP recorder. It is one of the best EVP's I have ever caught."

- Franky Porcaro

"I just wanted to say that yesterday 8-3-10 we had stopped by Rolling Hills to inquire about a tour, we drove around the building and we were greeted by the new owner in the back of building- as I was talking to her I had heard " from my car yet " what sounded like grunting noises ! My friend just prior to this heard a women screem - I didn't hear it as i was talking to the new owner. it was approx 8:00 - 8:30 pm - it was a little overcast as rain was expected south and east of buffalo. We have since decided to take a tour - hopefully this weekend if possible, I cant wait ! - So stay tuned we will post again along with any evidence!"

- Joyce Selapack

"It was Aug. 28th, 2010. we were in George's Room on the Third Fl. People with me were Myself, Norma Forteza, Mike Argila, Bill Muncey with PASTintel John Brightman and Marleen ( don't know her last name) of NE Paranormal Society, and Mike Lazdauskas ( independent investigator). it was probably around little past midnight. Clear Night. We were using John Brightman of NEW England Paranormal Society "Frank's Box", to try to communicate with George. seemed like we might of had two spirits coming through the Ghost Box. the video can be found on."

- Norma Forteza

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